What is KeySale

With KeySaleCRM, you can easily track orders, budgets measured in sales periods, and marketing efforts in real-time. You have access to detailed campaign information and can display your digital sales material directly in the app. KeySaleCRM makes it easy to collect images from stores and send orders to wholesalers via an integrated EDI system and your own ERP system.

For salespeople, KeySaleCRM provides full control over the assortment and listings in each store they visit, ensuring that you always have the latest and most relevant data available. The intuitive common dashboard allows you to quickly and easily track sales performance for the entire sales force. You can also customize and create your own reports using the flexible KeySaleReport Builder for even more detailed insight and analysis.

The seller has the ability to create a refund for broken or returned goods.

Finally, KeySaleCRM is more than just a powerful sales tool; it is also a reliable partner that supports you in achieving your sales goals and increasing your business success.


1. How can I gain complete control over my sales team's field activities?
   - Utilize our sales management tool for real-time monitoring and control.

2. How can I track orders, budgets, and marketing activities in real-time?
   - Access our integrated platform for a centralized view and prompt decision-making.

3. How can I plan and execute marketing efforts to maximize sales and brand exposure?
   - Leverage our tool's features for efficient marketing strategy implementation.

4. How can I ensure smooth communication and collaboration with my sales team?
   - Use our communication features for seamless messaging and information sharing.

5. How can I customize sales material for specific store needs to boost success?
   - Utilize our tool to tailor offers and materials, increasing sales potential.

6. How can I access and report activities seamlessly across platforms?
   - Easily access and report activities with our tool, ensuring flexibility.

7. How can I create custom reports for tailored insights using KeySaleReport Builder?
   - Utilize KeySaleReport Builder for personalized analytics and insights.

8. How can I quickly send error-free orders to wholesalers?
   - Streamline order processes with our tool, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

9. How can I track and compare the entire sales force's performance?
   - Utilize our analytics tools for a comprehensive overview and performance comparison.

10. How can I find a reliable partner for achieving sales goals and business success?
    - Choose our tool for robust support beyond sales, prioritizing your business success.

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