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KeySaleCRM is a comprehensive tool designed to help food suppliers manage their salesforce more effectively.



Unlock unparalleled control and insight with KeySaleCRM! Manage store assortments effortlessly, track sales force performance on an intuitive dashboard, and customize reports for in-depth analysis. Boost efficiency, maximize sales, and elevateyour success.
KeySaleCRM –where
control meets growth!

Region Manager

Supercharge your sales game with KeySaleCRM. 🚀 Set clear goals, streamline market follow-ups, distribute articles strategically, and track dynamic sales targets—all in one intuitive platform.
📈 Unleash the power of Google Looker Studio for personalized reporting, providing real-time insights that propel your team
towards success.


By integrating KeySale CRM with the standard EDI protocol, we unlock a world of efficiency for your wholesale operations. Our ERP order integration ensures a smooth, error-free process, allowing you to manage orders effortlessly.
Say goodbye to manual entry errors and hello to a streamlined, automated system that maximizes productivity.

Plan your sales
visits on the go.

KeySale Visit Calendar is a visitplaner for sales representatives. You can create a visit with a few clicks and then drag and drop customers across the timeline. Automatically sync with Microsoft Exchange or Gmail, so that the calendar is always up-to-date with your company's calendar. 

Smart planing.

With smart planing, make sure
every store is covered. No more having to worry about coverage gaps or forgetting to go to a store — smart planing takes care of that for you. KeySale will automatically create a list of stores that are running low on distribution for
this period.

KeySale Stream Collaborate and connect with your team.

Stream is the only platform that combines powerful video, image, and document sharing with in-app commenting in one solution. We're here to help you break down barriers within your team in order to create a more open culture of communication.

Sales Rep Planning
and Drive Journal

A Sales Rep needs to plan their day for visits.
The Sales Rep begins their day by recording the starting mileage of their car. When they return home, they record the ending mileage. After that, they complete a mileage report for the day.

Sellers can sync their KeySale calendar with Office 365 or Google Calendar.

Order and orderhistory

An order can be sent to a wholesaler by mail, email, or EDI protocol. To place an order, you need to specify a delivery date, wholesaler, and order type. The assortment is connected to the wholesaler that the seller is associated with in the processes. After the seller has taken the order, they can send a PDF copy of the order to the store contact via email.


Sell with an Interactive Presentations.

Turn your next sales
pitch into a presentation.

A presentation is a great way to help your prospect understand the value of your product. It also helps them visualize how it will look in their environment. KeySaleSlider gives you the opportunity to embed interactive presentations into your sales pitch, turning your presentation into a walkthrough that is more engaging and dynamic than ever before.

Put an end to guesswork.

You’ve been guessing at what you need. Stop guessing and start getting the data you need to make informed decisions with Insights Dashboards. Get real-time coaching insights based on your team’s performance in the field with trended summary dashboards and rep scorecards.


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